SUU66 – Soe Linn

07 Jun

 Daw Suu

Soe Linn

7th June, 2011

Against the entrenched dictatorship,
Unbeaten she is.
No fear at all,
Go on striving for democracy in Burma.

Solidarity in all with people of Burma,
Affinity with the oppressed,
Nobel Peace laureate she is.

Sacrifice a lot.
Undaunted by the ambush at Depayin,
Unflappable she is.

Keen desire to serve the people,
Yearning for democracy in Burma,
Immense dedication to that cause.

I did write “Daw Suu” poem for Her 64th birthday.
So, I do want to give her the poem for her 66th birthday!

(သရုပ္ေဖာ္ – စု ၆၅ တုန္းက ျမန္မာပန္းခ်ီဆရာတဦး၏ လက္ရာ)


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